Today I watched Britain’s Sex Gangs, a harrowing and disturbing but clear look at the subject of groups of men grooming young girls and leading them into a life of gang rape and sexual abuse. It’s not an easy thing to watch, but aside from a few high profile convictions here and there, it’s not an easy thing to hear about unless you go looking for the information. It’s horrible, but there are a few key facts:

1. There’s always some sort of “but why don’t the parents know what’s happening to this young girl,” question, a “how do they meet these guys in the first place, they shouldn’t be out late,” debate, and of course, in almost every conversation, someone brings up the clothes the girls wear as an issue, whether a direct reason or a, “well of course it doesn’t mean they’re asking for it, BUT…”

2. There’s a racial issue to it, because investigations show that a high proportion of these gangs are made up of Pakistani British men.

3. Groups like the EDL and BNP have hijacked the issue and made it entirely about race and in fact taken it away from a focus on the victims themselves, and have made it even more difficult to talk about because of the association with stirring racial hatred. (And proven themselves even more disgusting in doing so.)

I want to talk about this, though…